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My Beloved Sudent Peku, The Gorilla

I am so happy here!

Peku, the Gorilla in the national park, enjoys privileges better than others. As an intelligent Gorilla, he gets special attention from the zoo workers.

Peku loves human company, and spends more time with humans than with its community. Peku’s tutor Ms. Susan has only good words about him, her best student. According to Ms. Susan, unlike other Gorillas in the national park, Peku is a fast learner.

Peku Is A Good Gorilla

One day a cat fell upon the sleeping Peku. Just imagine the situation. Nobody likes to wake up from a deep sleep unexpectedly.  If any other Gorilla was in Peku’s place, that would have been a disaster for the cat. Instead of attacking the cat, Peku made the cat his pet. This cat can be seen often with Peku playing around.

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