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The Bear Who Caught A Snake

Oops, wrong fish!

It was a summer afternoon, a perfect time for fishing, the bear thought. He decided to go to the riverside to catch fish.

“Hey, darling, today, I am going to catch a big fish for you. My mind tells me that I will catch a big fish today,” the bear said to his pregnant wife.

“OK honey, I am waiting for your big catch, I love you. Please bring me a big fish,” said the bear’s wife.

So the bear went to the riverside and sat on a rock. He catches fish not with a net but with bear hands. When the bear feels something hit his hands, he immediately grabs it. That’s the bear way of fishing.

Sitting on the rock with his hands in the water, the bear felt something hit his hand. Immediately, the bear grabbed it. He was overjoyed thinking that he got a big fish. When the bear looked at his pricey catch, he was frightened.

The bear didn’t expect that. Instead of a fish, the bear caught a snake. Now, the bear was frightened. Anytime the snake could bite him, and that would be fatal. The snake looked at the bear. The bear looked at the snake. The bear was so frightened that he threw the snake into the water and left empty-handed. On his way back, the bear went to the fish market and bought a big fish to make his wife happy.

Back home, his wife was so happy to see her husband with a big fish in his hand. She hugged him. The bear laughed inside.

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