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An Elephant Push!

Fight Me!

“Are you trying to say you are the strongest animal in the forest?” the bear asked the elephant. “No, I am not telling that, please give me the way, I want to go,” said the elephant. “No, I will not let you go,” said the bear. The elephant had to go for an urgent meeting with his friends. He didn’t want to make an unnecessary tussle with the bear. But the bear was not letting him go. But the cruel bear was not letting him go. He just wanted to create problems. So the elephant had no option other than pushing the bear. The bear couldn’t withstand the strong push and fell into the pit behind him.

“Ouch, it hurts. Please help me to come out of the pit,” the bear pleaded. The elephant felt pity for the bear. “Ok, ok, don’t scream. I will help you to come out of the pit,” said the elephant as he broke a tree branch and put that into the pit for the bear to climb the pit. The bear came out of the pit and said sorry to the elephant for the bad behavior. “Can I go now?” said the elephant. “Please go your way, my dear friend. You are stronger than me and we’ll be friends forever,” said the bear. The elephant smiled at the bear and walked away.

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