My Little Friend

elephant greets the little train

Hi There, How Are You?

Here comes my friend, the cute little train Smoky, running slowly, puffing dark smoke to the air. Hi buddy, how are you? Last month, I missed you, because I was on a family tour. All that time, I was thinking about you. Now, since I am back, we can see every day. Children traveling with you are happy to see me. I wave my trunk at them and those little ones wave me back. I can see you are tired from the long run, but you are strong, you can make to to the final destination.

I always wonder how do you make that thick dark smoke. You are puffing and puffing all the way, making that fascinating noise. Hope someday I will get a chance to travel upon you. Good bye my dear friend. Thanks for visiting me again and again. See you tomorrow, same time.



Where Am I?

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