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A Night In A Rat's Life

What's Cooking Up?

Hey there, I am a rat. Many call me a rodent, but I would like to know in the name of a rat. We are brave but come out only in the night to hunt for food. We never feel any lack of food as there is plenty of waste available in the street and kitchen. We live on waste but would like to test our teeth’ sharpness against hard things too, such as rope, wood, or anything that we found suitable for our teeth.

It’s night, I am out of my house where I am living. I live with my family in that old house you can see behind me. We are a happy family. Being the father of eight rat kids, I don’t have to waste any time, but start searching for food. But I have to be careful and alert because many people don’t like us. They think we are creating a lot of problems for them. But what we are doing is just cleaning up the stuff for them. Anyway, we don’t mind what people think about us. We are united in our mission, a mission to clear everything on our way!

Hey, my intuition tells me that there something to eat in that garbage, follow me. Yes, I’m right, there is plenty of stuff from the night party in that hotel. Wow, they are fresh and tasty.

Um, that was a good treat. I have taken food for my family too. Now I have to rush back to my home before it’s dawn. Nice talking to you, see you later, Bye!

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