Rabbit and Fox Story, Don't Take Chances In Life

fox and the rabbit
Hello bunny, would like to take some rest?

“Hello Mr. Rabbit, I can see you are tired from a long walk. Have a break. Come to my home, and take some rest” the fox said. The rabbit was too tired as she was coming from a faraway place, going to meet her grandma.

The fox’s home was very sweet and neat. There was plenty of stuff to eat.  “Make yourself feel at home,” the fox said. The moment rabbit sat on an armchair, she heard the sound of closing the door. When she looked back, she saw the laughing fox. “Oh, my God, it was a trap,” she realized. But what to do now? The fox and his family had a great lunch with the rabbit meat. So, what is the message from the story? Think twice before accepting an invitation from a total stranger.

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