A Dinosaur Love Story

A dinosaur on his way for hunting saw a beautiful dinosaur girl. But he pretended that he has not seen her. After walking a few steps, he turned back. The dinosaur girl was curiously looking at the handsome dinosaur, but he walked away, ignoring her.

The dinosaur girl was sad because a handsome guy has just ignored her. So she started worrying about her beauty. “What happened? Why you are weeping?” her mother asked. “Am I not a beautiful girl? One guy has just ignored me and walked away,” she said to her mother while weeping. “My dear child, you are the most beautiful one on the earth, that guy must have no sense of beauty, but you don’t worry, he will come back to you,” her mother consoled her.

One day while she was having her lunch, the male dinosaur came that way. “Hey there,  you look so beautiful,” said the dinosaur. This time he started a conversation. The conversation lasted for a few minutes, and they fell in love with each other.

After a few days, the dinosaur girl asked him why he ignored her the first time they met. “Oh, I’m sorry about that, you see, this is my first love. I just wanted to get to know more about you, but I was in a hurry at that time, that is why I just ignored her. I’m sorry about it,” he said. The female dinosaur was happy, and they started a family of their own, had children, and lived for a long time.

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