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A Black Box Story


blackbox story

Hey kids, I am a black box of an airplane, lying here on this island for quite a long time. I still remember the last horrible flight I had on a cold night. There were no stars on the sky, everything was going smooth.  Suddenly there was a strong windstorm, and my pilots were very anxious about whether they could land their flight safely. One of the engines developed a snag.  I recorded all their conversation because as a black box, that is my duty. I recorded everything from the start of the flight to its last moment. I could hear them saying over the radio, May Day, May Day. 

The aircraft had no choice and said to me goodbye. I was most worried about the passengers. After a few hours of flying with only one engine, the aircraft plunged into the sea. Pilots were talking to each other about what to do next. But before they could do anything, everything was over. The waves helped me on this island. I don’t know what happened to the pilots and the passengers, I hope they all have been rescued. Here I am all alone, waiting to be discovered, to tell my story to the world.