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May Day, May Day A Black Box Story

blackbox story
May day, may day

I am a black box of that broken airplane, lying here on this island for quite a long time. I still remember that last horrible flight I had on a cold night. There were no stars on the sky, something was wrong from the very beginning of the flight. Bad weather made the pilots anxious about a safe landing. Suddenly, onee of the engines stopped working.  As an alert black box, I recorded all their conversation meticulously.

May Day, May Day

The aircraft said goodbye to me. I was most worried about the passengers. After a few hours of flying with only one engine, the aircraft plunged into the sea. Pilots were talking to each other about what to do next. I heard them repeatedly saying over the radio, May Day, May Day. But before they could do anything, everything was over. The waves took me to this island. I don’t know what happened to the pilots and the passengers, I hope they all have been rescued. Here I am all alone, waiting to be discovered, to tell my story to the world.

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