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Holidays are fast approaching, travelers backpack to start off to their dream destinations.  The travel culture has changed drastically in the recent years with more and more globalization many countries are opening their doors wide open receiving tourists. Yes, the tourist culture has changed to an exploration level.

The Emerging Travel Culture

There is a greater demand for tourist attractions that it is linked with culture and heritage. Many people travel with an intention to learn something new, experience new things.  Targeting this trend, travel companies around the world are providing tailor made plans to suit the special requirements of their potential customers creating new itinerary where it show cases culture and heritage of the country they visit. Solo travelling is something young travelers with an adventurous mind prefer but that is something for people who can handle any kind of situation from absolute strangers in the course of their journey.

Affordable Travelling and Home Stays

With more and more people traveling, affordable accommodation is of paramount importance. Home stays are mushrooming in important travel locations providing people affordable accommodation. The main advantage of a homestay is that it provides foreign tourists an opportunity to find more about local culture, food and even cooking. 



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