thinking girl

thinking girl

That’s a million dollar question.  How to promote your craft products to the entire world? Small business often find it difficult to reach target customers effectively, especially when the market for handmade products is tough and very competitive. In a nutshell, there is no way other than to have a strong online presence in order to make your products popular.

Telling the rest of the world about your craft is going to be tough without a strong online presence. Ironically many small business who are engaged in craft products ignore the value of creating an online presence.


Have A Website Or Blog Ready

Let’s start with a Website or blog. In fact, that should be the first thing that needs your attention while trying to market your crafts to an international audience.  These days owning a website is not a big deal. But the question is how to prepare the site for increased interaction from the visitors. For that, it is vital to have a good domain name which echoes your product brand. One you do that, select a good hosting provider, usually the one where you bought the domain name. A basic wordpress site is all that is required to start your foray into target market.  You can create a website or blog within no time, especially using the built in software tools that comes with the hosting package.

Content Development

Let’s talk content development for craft products. Start writing creatively about your product to attract prospective buyers. Have some good photographs of your products appear along with the content. Initially you may need some good content here to lure search engines. Even if you have online stores like Etsy, Cafepress, Zazzle there is no harm in promoting those pages through your website or blog by linking to your online store. That way your online store also will get a good exposure as well as fair good in search engine ranking.

Use Social Media Effectively

Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest etc. are very commonly used in online marketing. Share your best crafts images in Pinterest, Tumbler periodically. Share your content to Twitter. Initially you will not notice any significant lead generation. But waiting patiently, you will be finding the leads coming to your way. Follow people regularly and some of them will start following you. One thing to make sure here is that you are not following an irrelevant crowd.

Incorporating the Feedback

You have to think very realistic here. Think about how your products will be viewed by a prospective buyer and what could influence the decision making of buying it ultimately. What pricing strategy would be best suitable? You may find lot of input by asking others to critically evaluate your product and what else you can do to improve your product array.

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