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For a beginner illustrator, it is an uphill task to get enough exposure.  I am sharing you my insight into how a starting graphic artist or illustrator can gain exposure to his talent among prospective clients.

A good portfolio can give you the needed exposure to your work that can land you in creative jobs as well. But what if you are just starting your career as a graphic artist or illustrator? Building a good portfolio will remain as a dream until you grab one or two creative projects to start with. Right? But don’t worry. Here I am showing you what you can do to build a good portfolio even without real projects. Start creating illustrations with whatever ideas that comes into your mind. I found it helpful to have a pinterest account following illustrators and boards to get an idea what trends now. Work on some good illustration as your personal projects.

Once you have done couple of good illustrations done, next step is to submit them to various stock agencies, especially Shutterstock. I prefer Shutterstock because it has got a wide reach and enjoys a good reputation among graphics community. After submitting your first images wait for their approval. Your wait may be one or two days. At first ready for a rejection as most of the images submitted at the first time may get rejected for various reasons especially some errors in your submitted images. But after the first set of approvals, the going will be easy. and your portfolio there could gain you more exposure. Please make sure that you are adding most appropriate keywords and title to complement your image submission. This is vital in discovering your images from thousands of other images when somebody searching for an image.

Over a period of time you will find your shutterstock portfolio that is tied to your username growing as you submit more number of images. Also you will start earning royalties for the images downloaded by people around the world.


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