If you are avid bird watcher, you must have noticed how birds are flying together.When they fly, Birds form a large “V” formation. Wow, that’s a treat for our eyes. Why they fly in this manner? The scientists have long searching for an answer and found out that  this particular “V” formation helps the flying birds to reduce the air resistance to improve it’s flying efficiency  thereby making it easier  for them to fly together. It is astonishing to know about how each bird in this legion take part in this formation disciplined and orderly taking their respective position. Nobody is teaching them, but they do this by instinct.

Migratory birds fly to the destination thousands of miles away in this manner. They reach their destination safe and sound, without any troubles. One thing worth mentioning about these migratory birds is that they have a complete built-in GPS in their tiny brain for the route they should be flying. May be it has something to do with earth’s magnetic influence that proves to be vital for any man made compass. After all, it’s GOD’s wonderful thought behind all of this. Can you see how his intelligence is evidenced in all of his creations?

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