bug and frog

Bug and Frog © Gijo Illustrations


In a pond there lived a frog who thought very high about himself. He took least interest in others and wanted to boast himself to anybody who came on his way.  One day he met a beautiful bug walking through the backyard. The frog befriend him and told the bug who he is. Frog wanted to show how big and adventurous he is.  The bug kept silence but he could spot the danger that was fast approaching them.

It was a snake, big enough to swallow the frog. He screamed at the frog to escape, but the frog who was busy telling his adventures took no note of it. Suddenly the snake appeared before them and  swallowed the frog within no time. The frog was so sad about everything that just happened. But the snake told him not to worry. You did your best to save the fool but he didn’t care about it. So the fool became my food today. Fools are like that. They boast and boast until they are finished.

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