Two Ducks Pillow Cover

This nice pillow cover has a unique design of two beautiful ducks that have come very close. Ducks are purposely placed inside the love symbol that creates a feel of togetherness when we love each other.  According to Bible, love heals all wounds, it helps us to think realistically. The power of love is beyond everything.  Pure love is unconditional, the ultimate source of which is GOD himself. Thanks for your time reading this small thought. 

I Want To Tell You A Secret

Sometimes we want to tell a secret, but feel that it is not received well. Our intention is good, but many do not seem to understand our good intentions. Let’s take it that way. No more secrets and you are with a free mind again. 

Peacock Dance Welcome the Rain

Some interesting facts.
Peacock is happy when it’s raining. It craves for rain and welcome the rain dancing. The male one is very beautiful when it’s feathers are spread in a semi circle. It’s a wonderful treat for the eyes.