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Opportunities with Smartphone Market

by George  2011 October 14

Smartphone application market is teaming with applications both free and commercial. Every successful web applications now need to come up with a smartphone variant to to catch up with the latest trend. Installing and using an application have become lot easier, thanks to the well organized market.

Developing smartphone application has become easier with latest tools and SDK. Developers are really thrilled to find lot of resources and tools coming on their way, that help them to create great applications faster and make money. With these tools and resources, developers are able to create feature rich applications that make use of  phones’ Internet and GIS capabilities to develop cutting edge applications that are easily deployed and managed.  Location awareness feature of smartphone could be used to create awesome applications that are really helpful for the people on the move. Social networking applications stands tall with the largest installation base.  It’s easy to create interactive games backed by powerful SDK available for development. Developers with innovative ideas create these applications adding lot of creativity and sell their applications through the well organized market hosted by Android, iPhone.

Pricing Strategy

A recent study indicates that paid application downloads have recorded a steep increase. It’s a great opportunity for developers to make money either by selling their applications for a fixed price or allowing advertisers to display ads while people are using them. Marketplace is a great platform to sell paid applications and a good pricing strategy is important to sell like it a hot cake. The pricing strategy needs to be carefully evaluated by taking into consideration the price of similar applications and the features they offer. People are willing to spend money on applications which they think make their phone more useful.

Quality Assurance

The quality of the application  is very important to meet the strict standard and guidelines that are set aside for application market by the respective market providers. Android market has established tough measures on an application which they think violates the terms and conditions. A remote control switch when enabled will wipe an application from the market as well as from all the installed devices.  iPhone related App store also has established tough guidelines to meet before an application is entertained into their store. A good QA is needed before they are deployed in the market. Compromising in quality assurance could lead the application becomes unstable and crash unexpectedly and ultimately result in being thrown out of the market. A good checklist must be carefully followed in order to ensure that the application is adhering to all the requirements.