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Virtuemart, An Open Soruce Shopping Cart for Joomla

by George  2011 October 29

Virtuemart is a  great component for those who are looking for an open source shopping cart for their Joomla website. It has lot of impressive features which makes it the first choice for a developer as far as a full fledged shopping cart is concerned.

Virtuemart - Joomla! webshop


Virtuemart is one of the popular shopping cart available for Joomla. With its array of features and performance it offers the best among such shopping carts. It’s very customizable and great for any type of shopping sites that are built on Joomla.

The definition of product child relationship is something that adds great value to this excellent shopping cart that makes the cart suitable for any kind of online business. Also you could attach various other attributes to the product as well as child like color, size etc. which makes it suitable for any type of products you are selling. Installation is simple and the shopping cart becomes part of Joomla framework. It can be customized according to your specific requirements by identifying and modifying the files and the code. The file structure is easy to understand that makes modification rather simple.

Exhaustive Inventory Control

The primary inventory control is with respect to the product. You can also control the inventory by it’s main attribute. For e.g., size can be an attribute to a garment and separate SKU will be attached to each item with size attribute that makes inventory control by size possible. The administrator console is fully equipped with lot of configuration features that can change the style and behavior of the shopping cart without actually dwelling into the code modification.

The payment gateway integration is excellent as virtuemart supports common payment gateways s well as you can create a new payment method from the administrator window. Being an open source, I also found lot of improvements in the source code as well as  hacks available that makes the integration totally trouble free.

You can download the latest virtuemart component from here. Installation is simple with Joomla component installation feature. All you have to specify is the downloaded zip file and the rest of the things like table creation, file deployment etc. will done all by itself.

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    Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right. When it comes to adding shopping cart to Joomla, Virtue Mart fairs better. It’s flexible and easy to customize.