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Cloud Computing in Business


thinking about the cloud

thinking about the cloud

Thinking about cloud computing, I feel it has lot of possibilities and open a wide door open for the businesses to benefit from cheap computing environment.  As more and more applications find a place in cloud, it’s going to rule the web over the coming years.  While it’s a good strategy for the companies to avoid expensive hardware and software, the cloud promises good security that have been matured over the years. Before embracing any cloud computing environment, one should carefully read SLA (Service Level Agreement) to make sure that the proposed cloud computing environment best suitable for your business requirements.

The Art Of Choosing Software For Your Business


get the right software

Getting the right software for your business is very challenging, especially when there are similar products available in the market.  Some of which are rich in features, but not used at all. Before spending lot of money for buying the software why not conduct a feasibility study to make sure that you’re getting the best out of your spending?

Before choosing a software product for your business, it’s ideal to conduct a test run to see whether the product is compatible with your business. Yes, I used the term compatible with some obvious reasons. First it should be able to stream line your business by integrating the vital functions related to your business. If it can’t map a special aspect of your business it is good to know beforehand.


Waiting for the Train

waiting for the train

Waiting for the train is a different kind of experience. A railway station hosts many kinds of people from all walks of life. People come and go, every where there is a constant move.  While waiting for the train people indulge in different sorts of activities such as reading a book, watching kids playing or simply immerse in their own thoughts. Book stalls are the main attraction of any railway station in India. These book stalls hosts books and magazines belong to different categories and people buy them to cover the long distance travel.

Many prefer go by train rather than taking a flight to experience the vigor and enthusiasm during the journey. Train journey in India is quite an experience going through different states, experiencing different cultures. A Train journey always give me a pleasant surprise. I used to enjoy long train journeys watching scenes vanishing  behind me and waiting for the new sights eagerly. Towards the end of my 3000 km journey, I find myself usually exhausted wanting to reach home as fast as possible.


A Mutual Fund

subject to market risk

Mutual funds are subject to market risk. A good fund performance is the outcome of informative buying and selling by the fund managers. The returns offered by a mutual fund is far superior given the market conditions are attractive. But the hidden risk is that it can suffer from lack of shrewdness and research on the part of the fund manager. An investor on his side has to study the portfolio of shares where the funds would be investing before buying a particular mutual fund.


A portfolio is the list of companies where the mutual fund company would start investing for a given fund. Studying it can yield a good insight into the fund. A diversified portfolio minimizes the risk, but at the same time profitability also stands reduced. As the market is largely governed by government policies and other political changes, investor has to study the portfolio carefully. A Blue chip portfolio is found to be very attractive while an infrastructure portfolio may give less returns. But what if large infrastructure projects are given green signal? Obviously, the funds that are invested in infrastructure companies would get a decent hike in their unit prices.

Apart from the portfolio there are so many factors that determines the success of a fund.