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Loyalty Comes in Different Sizes, What It means to you?


Here is my new cartoon about loyalty. Why I choose Elephant and a Dog is quite explanatory. Elephant and Dog are closer to human family and both of them tamed are very good example of loyalty and integrity. What about us humans? When thinking about loyalty, it shows a diminishing trend around the globe. Young generation want upfront results and nobody cares about loyalty and treat it as a thing of past. Many feel that being loyal is not for intelligent people and look for short cuts to accomplish a job or responsibility entrusted on them. Looking from a long term perspective however, I feel loyalty can do wonders to one’s profession and family life. Observing most successful people, I find this is the case. Let me note down features of Loyal people, may be you can add others that comes into your mind.

  • They are the people working for a company for a lengthy period of time.
  • Dedicated to their profession and committed towards results.
  • They are quite friendly and controlled in their emotions and do good to others irrespective of the background.
  • Go by principles

There are lot of advantages you can derive from being loyal. The best thing is that you earn trust and people will love your integrity and trustworthiness. Whatever you do will have your signature touch that gets you more business or promotion if you are employed.


My First Animation Effort

During our childhood every one of us tasted a failure while trying to capture that beautiful butterfly. This is my first animation effort. Hope you enjoyed it.

Communication Evolves


Communication always evolves. Modern communication is all about effectiveness and uses many tools in the process. For e.g, PowerPoint presentations are continuously used by corporate to get the point across. There are many areas for business communication. Having a website is good, but how effectively it is developed is a question that needs continuous attention.  From the basic layout to the content organization everything affects the communication strategy. Respecting audience is the key for adding effectiveness to communication efforts. Knowing their tastes and preference will help us to become a better communicator.

Mind Your Language

different story

A body language can reveal lot of things about a person.  During a communication process, body language plays an important role.  The success or failure of a negotiation is all depends on how well one controls his or her body language during the communication.