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Nobody is special in this world. No one is isolated or immune from happening anything bad. Tragedies can strike anybody anytime. Rich, poor, religious, no religion, there is no discrimination for the disaster to befall. What makes the difference is that how do we react to tragedies controls everything that’s around us turns good or bad during our times of distress. Some people attribute everything thing to God. They argue that if good comes from God, then bad also comes from him. That’s not a good logic, because GOD IS LOVE. So, if you are in the grip of a fatal disease, or in a deep financial trouble don’t loose heart. Instead focus on what needs to be done with an unbiased heart. Understanding that you are not alone in the universe will give you the power to move forward. It is not because you have done something wrong, but things can be up down anytime. It’s purely based on circumstances.

Have Courage 

Sometimes all you need is courage when tragedy strikes your life. Tragedy comes in many ways. Sometimes it is the death of somebody you love, or it could be a fatal disease or Financial problems. Unexpected turn of events make our decisions fall short of intelligence. Decisions that are made in a haste becomes a waste of money and time. People who are diagnosed with cancer, react in different ways? Some people get so disappointed in life and turns unfriendly to people around them. But there are few people who takes things as it is, whatever that may come across they are undeterred and face life with courage and conviction. There is a strong relationship between mind and our body. It is a proven fact that our mind can influence our health for good or bad. It is therefore very important to keep our mind in the right direction. Then only we can take good decisions.

Don’t Blame GOD

When distress strikes, be ready to take help from others and listen to what they suggest. Unfortunately there are not many who knows how to talk to a person who is in a critical condition in their life. People should be cultivating compassion, a feeling that understands the other persons grief and console them. May GOD take care you in times of distress. What if a disaster strikes you? Read more about Disaster surviving.

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