Love The Nature And Prove You Are With It

Nature has provided lot of reasons for us to get nourishment from it. GOD carefully crafted our environment in such a way so that we can enjoy a peaceful life on this earth. So stop polluting it and reconsider our consumption pattern to have a low carbon footprint with our activities.

Every year world wide we commemorate earth day. But that’ doesn’t do anything good as the damages mankind already done to the nature is irreversible. Pledge to protect our environment for our future generations to come. Don’t postpone it, do it today!

Getting more out of Life

Life is a great journey. But that it is not always as smooth as expected. Some of our decisions may land us into trouble  There are bumpy roads ahead. The thing is that we fail to realize that we are not alone.


What Sort Of Person We Are?

From the womb of the mother we started learning until our death. So it’s important that we learn the right things from the right person. Our every decisions will tell what sort of person we are. Difficult circumstances prove our identity. People reacts to the same circumstances differently based on their mental strength. 
The Bible in that way teaches lot of things about the whole universe. It’s called God’s word rightly. If we could unearth the valuable principles contained within, then we are successful.