My Synfig Experiment Making a Cat Singing a Song

I recently created a 5 seconds video using Synfig. It was a fantastic experience seeing my animation, making my cat singing a song. Synfig is a great opensource animation software that you can use to create animation very easily.  I created the svg file using Inkcape and it’s a matter of importing the svg file to the synfig to apply various animation effects to the character.  The beauty of this software is that you can separately animate each element like hands, head, body or lips on a timeline.

Earlier there was no option to convert the output to a movie.  The only option was to generate a series of png files and using ffmpeg command-line option to assemble them together. Now it is a hazel free experience converting your animation to a real movie.


The youtube video is located here


Two Ducks Pillow Cover

This nice pillow cover has a unique design of two beautiful ducks that have come very close. Ducks are purposely placed inside the love symbol that creates a feel of togetherness when we love each other.  According to Bible, love heals all wounds, it helps us to think realistically. The power of love is beyond everything.  Pure love is unconditional, the ultimate source of which is GOD himself. Thanks for your time reading this small thought. 

The Pink Car, An Illustration


Pink is better. This car illustration is a part of vintage expressions I am adding to my collection. I really miss those colorful yesteryear, the charm, serenity and everything associated with it. Now the technology is very advanced. Now we are talking about self driving cars, artificial intelligence and fuel cells to power the automobile.