Graphic Designers, Illustrators Overcome The Hurdle of Building A Good Portfolio

Only few Graphic designers are successful in their career. It takes lot of patience and hardwork and even plenty of rejections before you can come to the limelight. Even people with good design skills may find it difficult in the beginning of their design career. An excellent knowledge about various software tools that are popularly used is required to be successful in this very competitive market.

A beginner may find it difficult to compete the highly skilled market. As a freelancer, it is going to be even more difficult.  One of the main hurdle that lies ahead of graphic artists is building a good portfolio with the projects they have done for various clients. But building a good portfolio is really a challenging process.

Building Your First Image Portfolio

Every graphic designer or illustrator should be aware about the various stock image websites. The advantage of signing up with a stock image website is that it gives you an opportunity to show your talent and at the same time license your images or photographs for others earning handsome royalty each time your images are downloaded. Now let me introduce to Shutterstock, one of the popular stock image websites every designer should be aware of. This website allows you to upload your images or photos and build a nice portfolio. Mine is here.

Each image you submit will go through a strict screening process which may take one or two days. Sometimes your images may accompany a rejection notification. But don’t worry, the notification will contain what went wrong and how you can correct it. Keep on submitting until your first image is approved. Approved images will be available to be downloaded from anywhere in the world. When they are downloaded, you will get your royalty into your shutterstock account.  Building a sizeable portfolio is the key to success here. Talented designers and illustrators earn thousands of dollars with their image portfolio. There are lot of resources available in this great website that will teach you how to turn your photography, image editing skills to earn handsome. One of such guide is here.



Personalised Gifts

Sometimes you may find it very difficult to find a suitable gift for your loved ones. You must have spent countless hours in front of your computer searching for an ideal gift, but not satisfied with the results? If finding a suitable gift is a problem for you trust me, you are not alone. Every occasion demands something unique. Only a personalised gift can fill the gap. Let me introduce you to a great website where you can unleash your creativity to create a very personalised gift and order it online.

Head to and customise  any product you wish. There are thousands of products under different categories that are waiting for your creative ideas. Everything is so simple here.  The interface is very clean and oriented towards simplicity. Only few clicks and personalised gift designed by you is on your way. All you have to do is to just select the product, it could be a coffee mug, a t-shirt or just a button and add your image and text. Also you are allowed to customise not just blank products, but products made by professional designers on you which you can add your own text or images. That’s all. You can preview your product and order it online which will be delivered to your doorsteps in a short period of time.