Who is the happiest creature in the world when it’s going to rain? No doubt about it, it’s the frog. The animal has a special instinct to know before anybody when it’s going to rain. He shows his happiness by crying loudly. There are different species of frog each with distinct characteristics. In tropical forests, crying of the Frog is always there to welcome the rain. This illustration is themed for nature, enjoying the different facets of nature makes us feel better and refreshed.

Everybody loves their cup of coffee. For creative people it is has become a part of life, especially when they are trying to meet deadlines having at least two cups daily. What makes a person a true coffee lover? Every cup is different in its taste and texture. What makes the difference is the method of preparation and the ingredients that goes into it. Who don’t like the fantastic aroma that is created during the coffee preparation? It influence the taste very much. The mug pictured above is an illustration of a girl enjoying the aroma of the freshness of the coffee before having a sip.

Play With Me T-Shirt For Kids

Every kind in the world has a dream to play with cute animals. This is my recent product update from Zazzle store, a t-shirt with Dalmatian pup printed. When I started designing this, I had no clue what the end product would be. Now this is the outcome of number of modifications done on the design to its current style. Hope you like it.

Butterfly Girl TShirt

For a beginner illustrator, it is an uphill task to get enough exposure.  I am sharing you my insight into how a starting graphic artist or illustrator can gain exposure to his talent among prospective clients.

A good portfolio can give you the needed exposure to your work that can land you in creative jobs as well. But what if you are just starting your career as a graphic artist or illustrator? Building a good portfolio will remain as a dream until you grab one or two creative projects to start with. Right? But don’t worry. Here I am showing you what you can do to build a good portfolio even without real projects. Start creating illustrations with whatever ideas that comes into your mind. I found it helpful to have a pinterest account following illustrators and boards to get an idea what trends now. Work on some good illustration as your personal projects.

Once you have done couple of good illustrations done, next step is to submit them to various stock agencies, especially Shutterstock. I prefer Shutterstock because it has got a wide reach and enjoys a good reputation among graphics community. After submitting your first images wait for their approval. Your wait may be one or two days. At first ready for a rejection as most of the images submitted at the first time may get rejected for various reasons especially some errors in your submitted images. But after the first set of approvals, the going will be easy. and your portfolio there could gain you more exposure. Please make sure that you are adding most appropriate keywords and title to complement your image submission. This is vital in discovering your images from thousands of other images when somebody searching for an image.

Over a period of time you will find your shutterstock portfolio that is tied to your username growing as you submit more number of images. Also you will start earning royalties for the images downloaded by people around the world.


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all you need is an advice


We are eager to give advice because it gives us immense satisfaction to shed some light to those who grope in darkness. But some people are very reluctant to accept any kind of advice, they just don’t want to hear that. Their Ego is heart when they are being advised. Sometimes it is because they might be worried about a situation in life others fail to understand. I think to give good advice, we need good understanding about the person who might be passing through a difficult phase in his or her life. It is not fair to burden them just because we love giving advice. Before giving an advice it is better to think twice as our advice can have adverse effect sometimes. For a person who suffers from particular medical condition there are qualified doctors to give advice.  May be we can offer them help to choose better medical treatment only if we had undergone such a situation in our life.

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Kids around the world have one thing in common, just hates going to school in the early morning. They have no dearth of excuses for that. This coffee mug design helps kids to come in terms with their morning blues and view school bus as a friend and a companion. School bus is a favorite subject to many illustrations combining schools and children. The school van illustration I created some months back, is just rediscovered in one of my Zazzle product. I believe in a minimalistic approach to focus on the main theme.
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bug and frog

Bug and Frog © Gijo Illustrations


In a pond there lived a frog who thought very high about himself. He took least interest in others and wanted to boast himself to anybody who came on his way.  One day he met a beautiful bug walking through the backyard. The frog befriend him and told the bug who he is. Frog wanted to show how big and adventurous he is.  The bug kept silence but he could spot the danger that was fast approaching them.

It was a snake, big enough to swallow the frog. He screamed at the frog to escape, but the frog who was busy telling his adventures took no note of it. Suddenly the snake appeared before them and  swallowed the frog within no time. The frog was so sad about everything that just happened. But the snake told him not to worry. You did your best to save the fool but he didn’t care about it. So the fool became my food today. Fools are like that. They boast and boast until they are finished.

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Have you ever thought how to turn your creativity to next level? Yes it’s possible now with the online design companies where they will turn your design into beautiful products which you can buy yourself or sell to earn an additional income. Actually many illustrators and graphic designers are already earning handsome using their skills.

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Zazzle is a great platform where you can turn your design printed on various products ranging from post cards to coffee mug and a diversified range of products. It has a good interface to create products step by step. All you need is a collection of your own illustrations or photographs. Just create an account and upload your images and see yourself the preview of final product. If you are satisfied with the final product, just publish it and the world will know you are a talented artist.


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