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Here you can find gifts from around the world. Most of these gifts are made by hand and therefore unique in all respects. These gifts are categorized for easy searching. You can use our large database of gift related websites to search that unique gift you want to find. has no affiliation with these websites and we let them display the details of their websites to be discovered by people around the world. You can find lots of unusual gifts and crafts which you have never seen before. Our unique search feature will bring you satisfying results from our site.   Unique Craft makers who have their own web site are encouraged to submit their website here. This is an absolutely free service. Advertising your craft or gift site in can attract unique visitors from around the world.

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Specializing in face jugs and prints of pottery.

Products:pottery, face jug,face jugs, face, jug, stoneware, bowl, mug, ceramics, ceramic, cup, clay, glaze

WALKING STICK FLUTES are light yet very strong and intended for use by avid hikers or casual walkers. 48" long with an inlaid liquid compass in the top, a leather handhold and a heavy rubber tip on the bottom. The six hole Flute is located in the middle of the Walking Stick for balance. It is tuned to a major scale (G) and has a range of 2 octaves. The Walking Stick has a waterproof finish and comes with an instruction page. Guaranteed for ONE FULL YEAR.

Products: Walking Stick Flutes, Walking Cane Flutes, Bamboo Flutes and Camera Monopods.

Whiffy Bean Bags are scented bean bag-like sachets great for kids and adults. Whiffy Bean Bags can be used as sachets or as toys! We also offer Whiffy Keychaing and the Whiffy See It. Great gifts!

Products:Gift Bean Bags Sensory Toys Kids gifts Sachets Scented Sachets Keychains Scavanger Bags I-Spy Bags

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of handicraft leather animal toys in 30 varieties in sizes 6,12,18,24,36,48,60,72,84 and 96 inches(life size). These toys are best suited for home, office, mall, hotels, lawns, garden decoration, Christmas and corporate gifts. Globus International is based in central India manufacturing stuffed leather animal toys. These stuffed leather animals are handicraft items produced in our factory by our skilled master craftsmen.

Products:leather toys,leather animal toys,handicraft toys,leather stuffed toys,stuffed leather toys,stuffed leather animal figure,leather animal figure,animal statue,indian handicraft,indian exporter,indian leather manufacturer,leather stuffed animal figures,toys

We specialize in homemade potpourri, hand-dipped candles, wax tarts, tart warmers and a variety of primitive decor.

Products:potpourri candles primitives wall hangings candlemats tarts tart warmers botanicals candle holders

We feature primitive personalized, custom handcrafted signs in many themes including garden, bath, kitchen, coffee, cafe', cabin, dogs, cats, kids, and grandparents. All signs are custom made to order. No two will be identical which makes yours unique.

Products:handcrafted,personalized, reasonably priced, unique,primitive,wood,signs

Unique Gifts -- How To Find Them

When some special occasion approaches people spend lot of time searching for a unique gift for their loved ones. A Gift is appreciated when it is chosen carefully based on a good understanding of likes and dislikes of a person. is specially designed to help you in your gift searching effort to find unique gifts. You can find unique items by searching through the products offered by the various websites listed here that comes from around world.

A gift becomes unique gift when it is fit for the occasion and unmatched in its beauty. Choosing a craft product for the gift purpose is ideal. They are environment friendly and long lasting. They are cherished forever. We hope you will have good gift searching experience on this site and wish you all the very best.©


Searching for gifts is one of the challenging activity for many. To find a suitable gift is an art to be mastered. This site helps you in your attempt to search those unique gifts which will make the occassion remembered forever. presents you unique and rare crafts from around the world. The sites listed here belongs to  Woodcrafts, Jewelry, Greeting Cards, Hand made greeting cards, Beads, Animal Figures, Unique Pottery, Teddy Bear, Gift Baskets, Perfumes,  Traditional Toys, Handicrafts, Oil Paintings and lot more.  Find timeless unique gifts from around the world. We have tried our best to include sites from all over the world.  If you own a website featuring gifts, crafts or paintings, clickhere for an early inclusion of your website review. Getting listed your craft or gift related site at will increase your site visibility and it will attract more unique visitors to your craft or gift site. Our aim is to promote traditional craft related sites around the world.   Five Random selected craft related sites will be always displayed in our home page.  Sometimes, it can be yours also.  In this way, you get a fine chance to display your product.


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