Bingo was a cat clever and smart. He always plan a lot before doing anything. He was patient and waits for the prey until it is too near.  One day while he was sleeping and day dreaming after heavy food he was awakened by a horrible sound. Wondering what is happening he yawned and looked around. The sound was coming from a distance.  Bingo spotted a big fleshy rat doing something mischievous.  The cruel rat was grinding a chair leg with his strong teeth. Bingo couldn’t understand what the rodent is doing. But soon he realized the danger. If the rat was allowed to do what he was doing somebody would fall from the chair. At that time he controlled himself as he was little bit away from the spot. So he moved slowly at a safe distance where he can catch the rat with one jump. He waited for sometime before finishing the rat with one jump and a blow. 



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